Our first major release of 2019 is designed to positively impact the ability to manage the flow of visitors in and out of schools with maximum visibility and ease of use into every action.

We've reworked, reimagined, and analyzed the way critical visitor paths and actions are taken, and made substantial improvements to the administrative area, including:

  • Current visitors and departures are featured on the dashboard to prioritize visibility into who is currently in your school, and which students have been signed out
  • The previous 4 pages to view current visitors, current departures, all visits, and all departures have been streamlined into one, which is more logically named "All Visits"
  • Web-based check in links have moved to the top navigation bar to reduce clutter in the left-column navigation and make web-check-in easier to access
  • Redirect paths for web-check in have been streamlined to eliminate any possibility of confusion when visitors are banned, flagged, or otherwise denied access.  When attempting to check in visitors or volunteers using the web dashboard the following processes now apply:
    • If a visitor has an active injunction, you will automatically be taken to the injunction details page
    • If a visitor is banned you will automatically be taken to the visitor's profile
    • If a visitor is on a sexual predator registry or watchlist, you will automatically be taken to the visitor's profile
  • Badges will no longer automatically pop up in a new window when checking visitors in from the web dashboard; you may now opt to "Print Badge" directly from the success modal, or "Close" and be taken to the "All Visits" page
  • Tables site-wide are now faster to search and consume fewer resources
  • Better Internet Explorer 11 support for previously buggy interactions
  • Streamlined date-range pickers and searching for:
    • All Visits
    • All Departures
    • Events
    • And other tables with large amounts of data
  • It's now easier and clearer to navigate back to the previous page from management pages such as location editing, user editing, and more...
  • Visitors may be searched by type (Visitor vs. Volunteers)
  • Improved our error reporting so that we know about any errors within seconds so we can best address any issues immediately

Dashboard Improvements

The dashboard has now been reconfigured to display current visitors and departures above charts and graphs in order to prioritize who is in your school:

Dashboard before and after

Navigation Improvements

The left-navigation has been vastly simplified, reducing the number of pages from 4 to 1 for visits and departures, as well as moving "Activities" such as web sign in and check in to the top-right navigation:

Simplified sidebar navigation

Visit Listing Improvements

What was previously 4 separate pages (Current Visitors, Current Departures, All Visits, All Departures) has been consolidated into "All Visits" which has separate tabs to view the content of all four previous pages, as well as dramatic improvements to filtering and searching by date ranges and text.

Visits improvements