Each Visitor Aware account may have an unlimited number of locations in order to differentiate and record access and activity across distinct physical addresses such as multiple buildings, schools within a district, or offices that do not share a common address.

Locations should not be confused with destinations (where a "destination" is a specific area within a location such as "Cafeteria" or "Nurses Office") as they are used by the visitor check-in process in order to determine the specific individual facility or building that a visitor has entered.

Creating a new location

If you've already registered for a Visitor Aware account, you'll see that you have a location that already exists on the "All Locations" page (https://app.visitor-aware.com/locations).  In order to add a new location, you may click on the link to "New Location" from the System Settings > Manage Locations navigation menu, or you may click on the plus symbol ("+") on the top right of the Locations page.

  1. Enter the details associated with the new location
  2. Begin typing the address, and select an address suggestion from the list
  3. Feel free to assign users to this location from the "Assigned Users" tab (described below)
  4. Feel free to adjust location settings in the tab labeled "Settings" (described below)
  5. Click the "Save" button on the bottom left
  6. You're all done!

3. Assigning users:

Before hitting save, feel free to assign users to the location you're creating or users can be assigned after the location is successfully created (after hitting save).

4. Settings:

If you accidentally hit save already, you can go in and adjust location settings by going to "System Settings" -> "Manage Locations" -> "All Locations" and then clicking on the gear icon to edit settings. Otherwise, through the "Settings" tab within the create new location window, you can adjust these settings before hitting save.

Pro tip: You may also import a Microsoft Excel or CSV file of your existing locations.  For more information see our article on importing resources at https://visitoraware.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/43000432677-importing-resources.

Editing and deleting locations

From the "All Locations" page which displays all of your available locations (https://app.visitor-aware.com/locations) you may edit a location by clicking on the name of the location or by clicking on the gear icon.  This will take you to the same screen shown above where the location information may be edited.

To remove a location from the system completely, simply click on the gear icon, select "Delete this Location" and accept the warning prompt.  Note that all visits, destinations, event history, and access to the location will be deleted permanently.

Switching between locations from within the administration portal

Once you have created more than one location, you will see an additional menu item in the top navigation next to your name with a building icon that displays the name of the current location that is active within the portal.  To view or manage information for other locations, simply select the desired location name from the dropdown menu and the page will automatically refresh and display content for the location displayed.

Changing the location

Pro tip: to see the new location on check-in devices such as iPads and iPhones, tap the gear icon, then locations, and then select the location you'd like to check visitors into.  All visitors and volunteers entering the facility will now be recorded based on the location selected in the kiosk application.