Student sign outs may be recorded using the administration portal in addition to the kiosk application in order to make it easier to track student departures as well as visits by parents and visitors.

Student Sign Out

1) From the righthand header navigation, select "Activities" and then the "Sign Out Student" link.

2) Enter the student's name and reason for departure, then take a photo of the person signing out the student using an attached webcam or the built in webcam on the computer.  Note that the labels may vary depending on the configuration settings in your device settings and management.

3) If the visitor signing out the student has checked in or signed out a student previously and has been validated, the departure will be recorded automatically

4) In the event that the visitor has not checked in or signed out a student previously, or requires additional validation, additional required input fields will be shown in order to collect and verify their identity using information from their identification card before the student may be signed out

Student Sign In

In order to sign in students who have been signed out using the online dashboard, simply go to either the "Main" link under the "Dashboard" heading or the "All Visits" link located under the "Visits" heading within the lefthand navigation menu, and click on the arrow on the right side of the visitor you'd like to sign in as shown in the picture below:

You may also check the box at the top left of the listing of departures and sign in multiple students at the same time for easier group student management.