Listed below are the instructions on how to create an application for potential school volunteers. After completing these steps, an online form will be created for volunteers to fill out to apply to be a volunteer.

Volunteer Application Form Setup

1. Volunteer Settings:

To access the customizable volunteer application form, go under the "System Management" heading within the lefthand navigation column. From here, select "Settings" and then click "Volunteer Settings".

After reaching the screen shown above, you will begin creating your volunteer application form by filling out the corresponding fields. Please use the formatting options to better display your customized messages on the application form as needed.

2. Enable Volunteer Registration and Management:

Select "Yes" to enable volunteer management capabilities within your Visitor Aware account. This allows the volunteer application form to go live and for volunteers (once they're approved) to have access to their own volunteer portals that keep track of their volunteer hours.

3. Public Volunteer Application URL:

Once you have setup the customized fields within the volunteer settings page, you will copy and paste this school location specific URL to use on your school homepage. Individuals who click on this link within your school webpage will be directed to the online volunteer application form.

Helpful advice: As you customize the volunteer application form fields, you can hit the save button at the bottom of the this page so that you can copy and paste your URL into another internet page to view your recent changes. This process will help you to see if you need to further adjust any formatting settings as well.

4. Duration After First Background Check:

If desired, you can set the duration for which volunteers must be re-screened for a background check. Once a volunteer has reached the specified duration, users will be notified of the volunteer(s) that are due to be re-screened.

5. Application Welcome Text:

Type the text that you would like at the top of your application form within this field. Example: "Welcome to our CSD volunteer application page!"

6. Application Disclaimer Text:

This is where you'd include your disclaimer text and would appear near the bottom of the application form. 


"The School Board shall comply with all Federal laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination and with all requirements and regulations of the U.S. Department of Education. It is the policy of the Board that no administrative staff member or candidate for such a position, volunteer, vendor or member of the public shall, on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, gender, marital status, disability, genetic information, or legally-protected characteristic, be discriminated against, excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to, discrimination in any program or activity for which the Board is responsible or for which it receives financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Education."

7. Application Finished Text:

If you choose to utilize this field, this will be the text that is displayed before the "Submit" button within the application form.

8. Application Submitted Email:

This will be the message that will be emailed to the volunteer once they have submitted their online application.

9. Volunteer Approval Requirements:

This field allows users to create an itemized list of requirements that must be fulfilled before granting someone volunteer status. These requirements will show up as boxes that need to be checked before a user can approve an applicant's or visitor's volunteer status. An example of this popup box is shown below and will be displayed after hitting "Approve Volunteer" from the associated profile page.

10. Application Submitted Message:

This will be the text that is displayed after the volunteer submits their volunteer application online.

11. Volunteer Approved Email:

This message will be displayed in the automated email that the approved volunteer will receive once a user approves their application/volunteer status.

12. Volunteer Denied Email:

This message will be displayed in the automated email that the denied volunteer will receive once a user rejects their application/volunteer status.

Initial Volunteer Screening

Upon completing the volunteer application form, applicants will undergo an initial screening against the National Sex Offender Registry, national and international watch lists. If the applicant comes back positively matched, it will be up to the school to determine if they'd like to pursue running a complete background check on the individual.