All volunteer management functions can be done directly through the volunteer profile. Below are the options and steps that can be taken as desired by the user.

Converting a Visitor to a Volunteer

To convert a visitor to a volunteer, first find their visitor profile by going under the "People" heading within the lefthand navigation column and click on "Visitors" and then "Visitors". You are then able to click on the associated visitor's profile that you're looking for or type their name into the search field to find them within a large list of people.

Visitor search field

Visitor Profile

Convert to volunteer

After clicking on the "Convert to Volunteer" button, a popup box will be shown. Fill out the volunteer's email address to give them access to their own volunteer portal where they have access to view how many hours they've logged. Enter the volunteer's phone number to have on record and then select what locations they will have access to as a volunteer.

The next screen that will display is the newly converted volunteer's profile. Within this screen you are able to complete multiple operations that we will discuss further down in this article. To complete the visitor to volunteer conversion process, click the "Volunteer Actions" menu dropdown button.

Click "Approve Volunteer" to continue the volunteer conversion process.

A popup box will be displayed showing all the items that must be completed and checked off before a volunteer can be approved. If completed for this visitor, select the corresponding checkboxes to complete the process and click "Approve". Please reference the "Volunteer Application Form Setup" help article to setup this approval checklist.

The Volunteer's profile is now marked as approved.

If an email was provided during this process, the volunteer will be issued an email granting them access to setup a login password to their volunteer portal. In this case, no email was provided so a link is not present.