All volunteer management functions can be done directly through the volunteer profile. Below are the options and steps that can be taken as desired by the user.

Converting a Visitor to a Volunteer

To convert a visitor to a volunteer, first find their visitor profile by going under the "People" heading within the lefthand navigation column and click on "Visitors" and then "Visitors". You are then able to click on the associated visitor's profile that you're looking for or type their name into the search field to find them within a large list of people.

Visitor search field

Visitor Profile

Convert to volunteer

After clicking on the "Convert to Volunteer" button, a popup box will be shown. Fill out the volunteer's email address to give them access to their own volunteer portal where they have access to view how many hours they've logged. Enter the volunteer's phone number to have on record and then select what locations they will have access to as a volunteer.

The next screen that will display is the newly converted volunteer's profile. Within this screen you are able to complete multiple operations that we will discuss further down in this article. To complete the visitor to volunteer conversion process, click the "Volunteer Actions" menu dropdown button.

Click "Approve Volunteer" to continue the volunteer conversion process.

A popup box will be displayed showing all the items that must be completed and checked off before a volunteer can be approved. If completed for this visitor, select the corresponding checkboxes to complete the process and click "Approve". Please reference the "Volunteer Application Form Setup" help article to setup this approval checklist.

The Volunteer's profile is now marked as approved.

If an email was provided during this process, the volunteer will be issued an email granting them access to setup a login password to their volunteer portal. In this case, no email was provided so a link is not present.

Volunteer Profile Access

To access a volunteer's profile, go under the "People" heading within the lefthand navigation column and click on "Visitors" and then "Volunteers". You are then able to click on the associated volunteer's profile that you're looking for or type their name into the search field to find them within a large list of people.

Volunteer search field

Volunteer Profile

Volunteer Profile Quick Buttons

Below the volunteer's photos lies a couple buttons supplying options to the user.

"Volunteer Actions" Menu

Unapprove Volunteer:

By clicking this option, you reject this individual's volunteer status. They will no longer be able to volunteer at functions within your facility.

Convert to Visitor:

Select this option to convert the volunteer back to solely being a visitor to your facility.

Contact Volunteer:

If an email was provided for this volunteer, this option will be displayed. Send the volunteer an email directly from their volunteer profile using this option.

Add Note:

By selecting this option, you will be able to add a note to the volunteer's profile for future access and knowledge.

Add Background Check Date:

Select this option to input a date on when the volunteer's background check was completed.

Modify Email Address:

Click this option to update or supply an email for the volunteer.

"Ban" Button

This will ban this individual from having access to sign in as a volunteer or check in as a visitor.

"Revalidate" Button

Instantly screen this volunteer against the National Sex Offender Registry, national and international watch lists by clicking this button.

Volunteer Profile Tabs

Multiple tabs of information and options also exist within the volunteer profile as shown below.


Within this tab, you will see the details associated with the volunteer's ID and will list the email, phone number, and background check date if those details have been specified.


By clicking this tab, you will access all the details associated with every visit this volunteer has completed within the facility/facilities that they have access to.


This tab allows users to specify students that have been approved for pickup by this volunteer. Once a relationships has been specified for a student, only approved individuals will be allowed to pickup this specific student going forward.

Volunteer Settings

Within this tab, you can specify a visitor type for this individual when they check-in as a visitor and you can enable or disable badge printing for this specific individual through this tab as well.


Every comment or note that has been recorded for this volunteer/visitor will be displayed within this tab. You are also able to record new notes from this screen as well.

Security Checks

Click this tab to view the screening results for this individual: National Sex Offender Registry, national international watch list check results. Click "Details" to read the full details associated with the screening result.

Event History

All user actions that are associated with this particular volunteer/visitor are listed within this tab. Feel free to print a report from this screen on user actions as well.