The Visitor Aware Kiosk application, once installed on an iPad, will be used as your check in kiosk. While this is an ideal and fast way to check visitors into your school, the iPad's sleep function may make your experience frustrating - we do not want this to be the case. Below are the instructions on how to turn off the sleep function on the iPad.

Important tip: When you disable the iPad sleep function, more power will be used while the screen is constantly active. Please be sure to have the iPad plugged in while in use.

Process Steps

For an iPad, you will need to enter the settings screen to begin customizing your visitors' kiosk experience. From here, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the "Display & Brightness" option.
  2. Next, hit the "Auto-Lock" option displayed on the righthand portion of the screen.
  3. A list of various time segments are shown. Select "Never" and make sure the check mark is moved to that location.
  4. Hit the back button above and make sure the "Auto-Lock" option has "Never" displayed.
  5. You have successfully disabled the sleep function for your iPad check in kiosk.

Enabling Guided Access to Prevent Access to Other Applications

Additionally, it is most likely desired to reduce the likelihood of visitors accessing other applications on check in devices.  This can easily be accomplished by using Apple's Guided Access mode in order to lock the device on a single application.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access
  2. Turn on Guided Access
  3. Tap Passcode Settings, then tap "Set Guided Access Passcode"
  4. Enter a passcode, then reenter it
  5. Open the Visitor Aware application
  6. Triple-click the Home button
    Note: For iPads newer than 2018, triple-click the button on the top-right of the device. 
  7. Tap Start

When you would like to exit the application, simply triple-click on the home button, or top-right edge (for devices 2018 +) and enter the same passcode used in step 4 above.


Additional Kiosk Settings

To further setup and customize your kiosk settings. Please read "Managing Kiosk Application Settings from the Administration Portal".