In order to assist first responders with immediate location information in the event of an emergency, each individual location may have an unlimited number of floor plans which are automatically included in messages sent when an emergency is triggered.

Adding Floor Plans

Once you have created a location, an additional tab titled "Floor Plans" will be shown on the edit page for the location as shown below.

Initial floor plan tab

Simply click the "Select files" button, and select as many floor plans as are applicable for the location.  Once you have selected the desired PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF format floor plans, click "Open" and they will automatically be uploaded for the location.

Floor plan selection

As files are uploaded, they will automatically be shown on the page, and automatically included in messages sent when emergencies are triggered.

Uploaded floor plans

Removing Floor Plans

In the event that a floor plan is outdated or needs to be replaced, simply click on the trashcan icon to the top-right of any floor plan for a location and it will be deleted.

Users must have permission to "Add Floor Plans" in order to upload floor plans, and "Delete Floor Plans" in order to delete them.