Here we will discuss how to sign students out and back in with the Visitor Aware check in kiosk. If you haven't yet done so, please download and install the Visitor Aware application on your Apple iPad from the Apple App Store here:

Application Student Sign Out

To begin, open the Visitor Aware application on your iPad for visitors and volunteers to use as well as student sign out/in actions to take place. Once open, you will see a screen similar to that shown below.

1) To sign a student out or in, select the "SIGN OUT" option on the screen display. The next screen will give you the option between signing a student out or in as shown below.

2) Select "Student Sign Out" in order to sign a student out. The next screen will prompt you for more information about why you are signing out the student.

3) Once you have filled out the "Reason for Absence/Tardy" field, you will fill in the student(s) name(s) that you are signing out. Once you tap the "Student Name" field, a list of names will populate in a scroll down list. Begin typing the name of the student that you are signing out to shorten the list or scroll down through the names to find the name you're looking to select.

4) After selecting the first student to sign out, you will then be able to search for and select the next student if there are additional students that you are signing out.

5) Repeat the above process for the number of students that are being signed out by one visitor/individual. Once you have all of the names entered, hit the "Sign Out" button.

6) After hitting the "Sign Out" button, the application will want to take the visitor's picture. If enabled (pending state law), the software will see if the visitor already has a visitor profile setup by comparing their facial biometrics to those that are on file for the school district. If a visitor profile has not yet been setup the visitor will be asked to produce their driver's license for the application to scan and retrieve accurate visitor information.

If the visitor already has a profile setup, a successful sign out screen will be displayed like that shown below. After these steps, your visitor will have successfully signed out the students under their name.

Application Student Sign In

Next we will discuss how to sign students back in via the Visitor Aware iPad kiosk application. You will start from the main kiosk screen as you did above for the student sign out function.

1) Select the "SIGN OUT" option from the display screen.

2) To sign a student back in, select the "Student Sign In" option. The application will then take a picture of the visitor wanting to sign students back into the school. If enabled (pending state law) the application will check to see if a visitor profile exists with the same facial biometric information. If a match is found it will then see what students have been signed out under that individual. Any student currently signed out under the visitor will be displayed on the next screen.

3) Once the list of students is pulled up, select the student(s) that you wish to sign back into the school as shown below.

4) Once you have all of the students selected that you wish to sign back into the school, select "Done".

Florida locations require an Identification card to sign students out, and a QR code to sign students back into the school. The QR code is issued to the visitor when they sign out a student.