In order to reduce the number of badges printed, or only print badges selectively, Visitor Aware includes options to enable or disable badge printing from the administration portal for all visitors, all volunteers, or individual visitors or volunteers.

This is useful for locations where certain individuals are provided permanent badges, or where for a variety of reasons badges are not required.

Note: This feature is separate from the Visitor Aware Kiosk Application badge printer selection and configuration.

Managing Badge Printing for all Visitors or Volunteers

In the event that badge printing is not necessary or useful for all volunteers, or all visitors, it may be easily disabled from the Device Settings page located under the "System Management" menu.

Badge printing options in Device Settings

Options to "Print Badges for Visitors", and "Print Badges for Volunteers" both default to "Yes", which means that by default if a badge printer is connected and configured, badges will automatically be printed when someone checks in to your locations.

Setting either "Print Badges for Visitors", or "Print Badges for Volunteers" to "No" will override automatic printing, and no badges will be printed for the selected type.  This overrides the customized badge print settings on individual visitor/volunteer profile pages.

Managing Badge Printing for Specific Visitors or Volunteers

At times it may be desired to disable badge printing for specific visitors or volunteers, and this is easily accomplished by simply setting "Print Badge" to "No" on the specific profile page as shown below:

Managing Badge Printing for Individuals

Badge printing defaults to "Yes" for all visitors and volunteers, both on individual profile pages, and from the device settings page.  Badge printing settings on individual profile pages are overridden by the badge print settings on the Device Settings page; if the "Print Badges for Visitors" option is set to "No" on the device settings page and "Yes" on a individual visitor profile, a badge will not be printed.