Sometimes it is necessary to remove an individual's access privileges to your school. This can be accomplished by explicitly banning that person from being able to check-in. If a banned individual tries to check-in, the individual will be given a message to see the operator and an alert will be sent out to authorized users letting them know that a banned individual is currently trying to check-in at their facility. Pending the user's preferences, alerts will be sent out in the form of dashboard notifications, SMS text, and/or email.

The steps below can be taken to explicitly ban someone from checking into your school location. (There are also steps that can be taken to lift the ban on an individual which are listed below.)

Implementing a Ban:

1. Profile Search

Navigate to the profile of the individual you are wishing to ban. There are a couple different ways that you can navigate to an individual's profile. One way is to click on the "Visitors" or "Volunteers" link located under the "People" heading. You are then able to search for the individual's name as shown below.


2. Accessing Profile

Click on the visitor's photo or name to access their profile. There are options located below the pictures, one of which says "Ban".

3. Ban Visitor

Click on the "Ban" button and you will be prompted to enter the reason for banning this individual for record keeping purposes.

3. Ban Successful

Upon a successfully completing the ban, you will be shown a window with a green check mark. This individual has now been banned from checking in to the facility.

Lifting a Ban:

1. Access Profile

As we did above, navigate to the individual's profile in order to begin the process for lifting the ban.

2. Remove Ban

Click the "Remove Ban" button and then give a reason for lifting the ban.

3. Successful Ban Removal

After entering the reason for lifting the ban, a message will be shown showing that the process was successful.