The steps below can be taken to enter court documents such as trespassing, custody, injunction, and/or restraining orders into Visitor Aware. This portion of Visitor Aware's screening tactics can also be used to enter customized screening protocols for visitors and volunteers. This would be an option, for instance, if the school needed to be made discreetly aware that an individual was on the premises and also not allow the visitor to check-in until the associated circumstances have been addressed.  

Implementing a Court Order:

1. Create Court Order

Navigate to the "Create Court Order" page under the "People" heading and through the "Court Orders" link.

2. Court Order Info Fields

Fill out the associated information into the provided court order form fields. If the visitor has not previously checked in at your school facility, you are still able to enter the person's information; however, take extra care to make sure there are no typos so that the individual's information will be matched correctly upon check-in attempt.

Case ID: This field can be filled in just how it is specified or with your custom screening ID. For example, "Tresspass01", etc.

Select of Create a Visitor: Select "--New--" to enter the individual's details or select the associated visitor/volunteer profile.

Send Notification?: Leave this set to "Yes" in order to receive alerts about the attempted check-in.

Active?: Leave this selected as "Yes" if this screening procedure is still valid. If the screening has served its purpose or if the active time period has ended, select "No".

Allow Entry?: Selecting "Yes" will allow the individual to still check-in to the facility and the associated badge will be printed if enabled. Otherwise select "No" to prevent the individual from checking into the facility.

Issued Date: This is the date that the court order or custom screening is set to activate.

Expiry Date: This is the date that the court order or custom screening is set to deactivate.

Court Order Details: Fill in this field with the court order details or notes as to why the custom screening was put in place and what to do upon check-in.

3. Save Court Order

After you have filled out the form fields, hit the save button to store the associated court order or custom screening event. The "All Court Orders" button will take you to the Court Orders screen that displays all current, active, and/or previous court orders that have been entered into the system.

Court Order Management:

1. View Court Order

Navigate to the "View Court Orders" page under the "People" heading and through the "Court Orders" link. Here you are able to view all existing court orders and can select the gear icon within the righthand column to alter any court order details pending user settings.

2. Update Court Order Details

After selecting "Edit" through the gear icon, you will be directed to a screen where you are able to adjust any information listed within the court order form.