When an individual comes back positively matched against the National Sex Offender Registry, national watch lists, or international watch lists notifications are sent out pending the user's settings and what they have enabled. To update settings please refer to the "Personal Users Settings" help article. To learn more about the types of notifications that can be sent out, please read the "Notifications" help article.

Email Notification:

If an individual comes back as a positive match against the National Sex Offender Registry, a side by side photo comparison is sent out to all registered users that have email notifications enabled. The comparison photos show the picture of the person that is listed on the National Sex Offender Registry and the photo of the current visitor checking in to the facility. If a match comes back positive for one of the watch lists, a photo may not be available. However, an email will still be sent out notifying users of the positive match. You can click the link within the email to access more details concerning the match or you can access the visitor's profile through the admin dashboard. Either route will take you to the visitor's profile which will be discussed below.

Additional Match Details

Once a positive match has been made, you are able to access the information concerning the offense through the visitor's profile. This can be done by following the steps below.

1. Access Visitor Profile:

Within the admin dashboard, go underneath the "People" heading and click on "Visitors". From here you're able to enter the visitor's name within the search box and click either on their name or picture to access their profile.

2. Open Visitor Profile:

Once inside the profile, you will see a screen similar to that shown below.

3. Security Checks Tab:

Scroll down and click on the "Security Checks" tab.

4. Offense Details:

To access the details pertaining to the offense, click on "Details" in the righthand column. Within the popup screen, you will be able to read the public record details pertaining to the offense.

Marking the Match Invalid:

Through the use of facial biometric comparisons, Visitor Aware greatly reduces the possibility of false positives. However, If an individual comes back as a positive match and there is reasonable proof that the match is invalid or a false positive, there is a way to disable the automatic ban on the individual.

Follow the steps listed above to access the offense details within the visitor's profile. After you've reached step #4, scroll down on the offense details popup and click "Mark Invalid" to allow the individual to check into your facility now and for future visits.