Recording a tardy student can be done through the admin dashboard. Follow the steps listed below to accomplish the task.

1. Activities:

Within the top righthand corner of your screen, click on "Activities" and then "Record Tardy".

2. Record Tardy:

After click "Record Tardy" you will be sent to a screen to fill in the associated student tardy details as shown below. (This screen can also be accessed from the lefthand navigation menu as well under "Students".)

3. Tardy Details:

Fill out the details associated to the student tardy.


Select the student that the tardy will be associated with from the list.

Reason for Tardy:

Record the reason why the student was tardy.

Destination Upon Arrival:

List where the student should be headed once they leave the office area.


Record any additional details or instruction that you would like associated with this particular tardy record.


Mark if this tardy was excused.

Do not forget to hit "Save".

Once the Save button has been clicked, if enabled, a Tardy badge will be printed off for the student to hand in once they've reached their destination location.