If you choose to implement the volunteer management side of Visitor Aware, you will need to create some functions for volunteers to select upon sign-in. This can be accomplished by following the steps below.

Creating Volunteer Functions

1. Access Function Page:

Navigate to the create volunteer function page by going under the "System Management" heading on the lefthand navigation column. Click "Locations" and then "Volunteer Functions".

2. Create New Function:

To create a new volunteer function, either click the "+" in front of the "Manage Functions" title, click the text that reads: "Click here to add a new function", or simply click the next link within the lefthand column that says "New Function".

3. New Function Details:

Enter the volunteer function's details within the next screen that shows up after click on the "Add New" button. 

Function Name

Enter the name of the volunteer function. (Example: Library Storytelling, Tutoring, etc.)

Function Details

Enter any details or function notes within this section.

Start Date

If there is a start date for this function, enter that information here. The option for volunteers to select this function to sign into will not appear on the check-in kiosk until the date specified.

End Date

If there is an end date to this function, please enter that information here. This function will no longer be available for volunteer sign-in once this date has passed. (Leave this field empty if you'd like this to be a continuous option for volunteers.)

End Time

If there is a specific time that the volunteer function ends, enter that here. Volunteers will be unable to sign-in to this function once the time frame has ended. (Leave this empty if you'd like this to be a continuous option for volunteers.)


If at some point you do not want this volunteer function to be active for volunteers to sign into, you'd select "No". Otherwise leave this set to "Yes" to allow volunteers to sign into.


Don't forget to hit "Save" to save the new volunteer function.

Congrats! You have just created a volunteer function for volunteers to sign into!

Editing Volunteer Functions

1. Access Function Page:

Navigate back to the volunteer function screen by going under the "System Management" heading, clicking "Locations" and then "Volunteer Functions".

2. Edit Function:

Select the gear icon on the righthand side of the even that you wish to alter/edit. Then click "Edit this function".

3. Update Function Information:

Update and/or alter any information as you see fit within this screen and then hit "Save" to keep the changes that you've made.

Creating Volunteer Function Reports

1. All Visits Page:

Click on the "All Visits" link located beneath the "Visits" heading within the lefthand navigation column. 

2. All Visits Filter:

Select the "All Visits" button located just above the chart in the lefthand corner. Next, use the search box to enter the name of the volunteer function that you'd like to create a report on.

3. Select Report Format:

To save or print a copy of your report, click on what format you'd prefer the report to be in from the top righthand corner of the chart: Copy, CSV (comma separated values), Excel, PDF, or Print.