Volunteers can sign into a volunteer function via the iPad check-in kiosk by following the steps listed below.

iPad Kiosk Volunteer Sign-in

1. iPad Kiosk Screen:

To begin the process of volunteer self sign-in, the volunteer will walk up to the iPad check-in kiosk displaying the Visitor Aware application.

2. Volunteer Sign In:

Tap on the "Volunteer Sign In" button to begin the process of signing in and you will reach the screen shown below.

3. Volunteer Destination:

Next, the volunteer will need to select what function they are attending from the drop down menu. In this case, the volunteer will select Kindergarten Bash as the function they are attending.

4. Volunteer's Photo:

After tapping "Next" once the destination has been selected, the Visitor Aware application will request that the volunteer take a picture of their face. In this step the software is checking to see if the volunteer already has a profile setup and if they've been screened or are due to be screened again.

If the volunteer does not have a complete profile setup or if their facial biometrics have been recently deleted, the software will prompt the volunteer for their government issued ID to confirm their identity.

5. Volunteer Sign-In Success:

If the volunteer already has a profile setup and is complete with their facial biometric data, the software completes the screening process if it's due and signs them in successfully!

New Volunteer Sign-in Steps (after step #4 above)

5. Volunteer's ID Photo:

If a profile has not been completely setup for the volunteer or one is not found, the software will prompt the volunteer for their ID. The first screen requests the front of their ID to grab the photo off of the front.

6. Volunteer's ID Info:

The software will the request the backside of the ID to scan the barcode.

7. Volunteer's Photo:

As long as the screening checks out okay and the information is imported properly off of the ID, the volunteer is signed in for the function that they selected!

Admin Dashboard View

The volunteer is then visible in the active web admin dashboard view on the "Main" and "All Visits" screens. Feel free to reprint their badge or manually sign them out from this view as well.