Visitor Aware supplies and offers multiple ways of supporting your facility's use of our software. We want to make sure you feel comfortable using our software and provide a quick turnaround on support.

Upgrades & Patches

Visitor Aware provides system upgrades and software patches for any issues that may arise. To prevent any potential issues or lapses in service, upgrades and patches are automatically uploaded during the evening/night hours.

Automated Error Reporting

In the case that Visitor Aware experiences an error processing a function within the software, an automated report is sent to our programming team. This allows our team to quickly address any issue that may arise and update the software to prevent any future issues.

Technical Assistance

There are a couple of different ways to obtain further support with Visitor Aware functions and features.

Help Articles: 

Help articles are available through our help portal (where you are currently reading this article). To access this database, simply click on your username in the top right-hand corner of your admin dashboard and select "Support" or "Helpdesk".

Phone Assistance:

If the help articles do not address your question or if you feel more comfortable speaking with someone over the phone, please feel free to give us a call!

Phone Support: 608.661.1140 Option 1

Support tickets:

If you are experiencing an annoying issue within Visitor Aware that doesn't require an immediate response, please feel free to reach out to us via a support ticket. We will respond within 12-24 hours.

Support Ticket: