Indefinite Data Storage

No data is ever deleted by Visitor Aware and everything is stored indefinitely unless the client chooses to delete their data. 

Many of the pages within Visitor Aware also offers the ability to create customized reports. To create a report, you may see a couple different ways of accomplishing this task.

Reporting Options

1. Quick Report:

If you see buttons like those shown below, you are able to generate a quick report of the data that is currently being displayed. Simply click on the button that corresponds to the type of report format you'd like to receive.

2. Search Field Report:

There are some screens within Visitor Aware where you are able to search for a name or keyword before selecting your report format as well.

3. Customized Report:

To create a customized report, you will see entry fields that allow you to enter a date range and/or keyword search. Feel free to utilize either or both to narrow down your data search and create your ideal report.