Visitor Aware users can activate an emergency via their online dashboard. Upon activation, alerts will be sent out via each user's preferences (email, text, or phone call) so that protocols can be immediately set into motion.

How to Trigger An Emergency:

To trigger an emergency, locate the "Emergency" button in the top right corner of your dashboard screen. This button will be available no matter what screen you're currently looking at within the Visitor Aware admin dashboard.


After clicking on the "Emergency" button, you will see a popup box asking for additional details. These fields are optional and may not need to be filled out in the event of an immediate emergency.

However, if the current crisis allows, you are able to fill out the associated "Incident Notes", "Users to Notify", and "Incident Type" fields. If there are only specific users that you wish to notify, select those users through the drop down menu under "Users to Notify" and then select the incident type. Click "Trigger emergency!".

After hitting the "Trigger emergency!" button, you will be redirected to the Incident Management screen as shown below. The yellow pin designates where the emergency was triggered and the green pin indicates that a user has marked themselves as safe.

If an actual emergency were to be triggered, the map view would be zoomed in far enough to tell responders an estimate on where the emergency was triggered within the building. Coordinates are also reported for individuals who mark themselves as safe or in need of assistance through the Visitor Aware Watchdog application and pins are placed on the map to indicate their associated locations and status reports.

Users that are logged into their Visitor Aware account through a web browser and that can access the Incident Management page can manually report individuals as safe or in need of assistance by clicking the "Safe" or "Assistance" buttons as shown below. However, coordinates cannot be collected/reported for these individuals if their status is reported in this manner.

All communication details are recorded under the "Notifications" tab as shown below for each individual incident to create a log of the associated incident activity.

Under the "Details" tab, you are able to view why the emergency was triggered, where it was triggered, and who triggered the emergency.

How to Cancel or End An Active Emergency:

To end an active emergency, navigate back to the top right portion of your screen where the "!Emergency" button is displayed and click it again.

You will then see the popup box displayed below. Select "Cancel Emergency?" to turn off the incident management and close the active emergency.

The top right emergency button will then go back to normal and there will no longer be an active emergency.

To learn more about our Visitor Aware Watchdog application, please view the associated Watchdog help articles or download the application here.