In order to ensure that visitor and volunteer badges print properly, you may need to adjust the printer's paper size. This can be done by following the steps below, and these instructions assume that the Brother QL810 printer drivers have already been installed from the Brother website (

To print adjust badge print size from a web browser, please see this article for help:

Windows Instructions

These steps are for Windows/PC machines when using a Brother QL810 badge printer, and depend on the Visitor Aware desktop application version 1.1.9 or above.

1. Devices and Printers

Inside the "Control Panel" window click on "Devices and Printers". (Windows 7), or "Printers & Scanners" (Windows 10). You will be directed to a screen that will display all of the printers that have been setup on your machine. This screen will look similar to that shown below.

Select the Brother QL-810W, then click on "Open Queue".

2. Label Printer Preferences

After you have selected the "Open Queue" option, a window will open.  After this happens, click on the "Printer" menu option and select "Printing Preferences".

3. Printer Preferences

Inside the "Printing Preferences" window click on the "Other" button, and change the default unit from "inch" to "mm", then click back to the "Basic" tab.


4. Paper Size Selection

Inside the "Basic" tab find the "Paper Size" drop down menu, and select 62mm x 100mm, then click "Apply", and "Okay" to close the printing preferences window.

5. What if I get an error regarding Monochrome labels when using Black/Red labels?

No problem!  If this happens, we can simply create a custom badge type in the Brother Printing Preferences, and select that as the default, which allows us to specify the "Black/Red" paper type.

First click into the "Advanced" tab, then click "Settings" next to "Continuous Tape Format"

Within the Continuous Tape Format Settings window that opens, select "New", then type in a name such as "Custom Visitor Badge", and select:

  • Width: 62mm
  • Length: 100.0mm
  • Feed: 3.0
  • Add

Then go back to the Basic tab, select your "Custom Visitor Badge" from the paper size menu, and select Black/Red for the paper type.


In the event that badges do not print, there are a few key areas to check:

  • Go to the system printer settings and ensure that the printer shows as "Online"
  • Unplug, then plug the printer back into the computer
  • If a driver error is shown, please download and run the Printer Driver Cleanup tool provided by Brother (
  • If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please reset the printer back to factory settings.
    • When test printing, make sure the Printer Preferences continuous badge printer size and type is properly configured as specified above.