The Visitor Aware ID Pass application is a simple application for Android or iOS, which visitors / volunteers may download and use as a primary means of identification instead of their drivers license.  This application and feature are useful in locations where facial recognition storage is not allowed; such as Florida where student and parent facial recognition is automatically disabled.

Note: Before a visitor may sign into the ID Pass application, they must be provided their token.  See the article on providing tokens here.

Downloading ID Pass

The ID Pass application is available for both Android, and iOS devices, and may be downloaded from  When visited on a mobile device, the user is automatically taken to either the google play store, or the apple app store based on their device type.  If the device type cannot be automatically determined when visiting the download link, the user may select which operating system they'd like to use for the application download.

Signing into ID Pass

After the user has downloaded the ID Pass application, they may sign in using the token provided to them using the steps here.

Note: There are no options to request a new token, or request a token within ID Pass.  A token must be provided to the user by an authorized Visitor Aware user by navigating to the visitor's profile within Visitor Aware.

Using ID Pass

Upon successful sign in to the application, the visitor will be shown their ID Pass QR code, which may be used to check in, and out at the Visitor Aware Kiosk.

Step 1

On the kiosk application, after selecting check in, or sign out, and taking the visitor photo, select Click here to scan your ID pass

Step 2

Scan the ID Pass QR code from the application.

Step 3

Check in or out successfully!

To learn about how to use the Students tab of your ID Pass application, please refer to the "Parent/Visitor Student Pick-up Process Instructions" help article.