In order to facilitate an easier transition to more secured schools while taking into account health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide a built-in COVID-19 screening feature which allows visitors to check-in using the normal check-in process via iPad or the administration portal but requires front desk personnel to complete a health screening in order to complete the check-in process.

This feature is disabled by default, and when enabled requires the use of the Visitor Aware Desktop print application to automatically print Visitor or Volunteer Badges.  Please see our article here on downloading and configuring the Desktop print application.

Using COVID-19 Screening

To enable the COVID-19 screening feature:

  1. Log in to the administration portal (
  2. Navigate to: System Management -> Settings -> Device Settings from the left navigation menu (You may also go directly to
  3. Select "Yes" under "Enable Covid-19 Screening?"
  4. Hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the page

Once enabled, you'll notice that at the top of the left navigation menu, a new menu item appears titled "Screening Queue", which is available directly at

From this page, you can see visitors who are waiting to be screened to complete the check-in process, completed screenings, denied screenings, and dismissed screenings.

  • Pending: A list of visitors who are waiting to be screened to complete the check-in process
  • Completed: A list of all visitors who have been screened, regardless of the result of the screening
  • Denied: Screenings where the CDC questionnaire determined the visitor should not be allowed entry and was not checked in
  • Dismissed: Screenings that were shown to another user and were dismissed and not processed

Managing Visitor Entry

When this feature is enabled, visitors will still check-in and out using the iPad kiosk application (if used), however, instead of a badge being automatically printed, they are prompted to "Please see the Operator for Screening".

Within the administration portal, an overlay will be shown automatically with the visitor photo, name, and the full CDC screening questionnaire.

The person at the front desk should ask the designated questions to the visitor, as well as collecting their temperature with a contactless thermometer, then they may click the button to "Process Screening" at the bottom of the screening overlay.

Screening questions are processed in accordance with CDC guidelines as of July 10th, 2020 with the following rules:

  1. If the visitor temperature is equal to or greater than 100.4 degrees F, they are not allowed entry
  2. If the visitor indicates "yes" to any of the following, they are not allowed entry:
    1. Feeling ill
    2. Has been in close proximity to a COVID-19 confirmed individual
    3. Has had direct contact with infectious secretions from COVID-19 
  3. If the visitor indicates that they have any of the CDC listed symptoms of COVID-19 or any of the life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19 they are not allowed entry

If none of the above apply, the visitor is granted access and checked in, and a badge will automatically be printed through the Visitor Aware desktop application.

What Happens When a Visitor is Deemed Unsafe to Enter?

If any of the questions are marked as "Yes", or any checkboxes are checked, the visitor will not be allowed entry, and a "Do not Admit - Unsafe Visitor!" alert will be shown.  The visitor will not be checked in, and the result will be logged.  No badge will print.

What Happens When More Than one Visitor is Waiting to be Screened?

As each screening is processed, the next required screening will be shown automatically to simplify the flow of checking in and screening multiple visitors easily.

What Happens When I Dismiss a Screening?

For any number of reasons, it may be necessary to dismiss a screening, in which case the results are logged and the following actions are taken automatically based on selection:

  • Another staff member is currently assisting visitor: Visitor screening questionnaire remains in the screening queue
  • Logged into the admin area remotely/currently off-campus: Visitor screening questionnaire remains in the screening queue
  • Need to complete another task before returning to complete screening: Visitor screening questionnaire remains in the screening queue
  • Visitor has elected not to complete screening: 
    • Visitor is marked as having rejected screening
    • Visitor is not checked in
  • Screening deemed unnecessary: 
    • Screening is marked as completed
    • The visitor is checked in
    • A note is automatically added to both the screening and the visitor profile indicating that the front desk personnel deemed the screening unnecessary