Visitor Aware's Carline pick-up process utilizes visitor specific QR codes and the online administration dashboard to create seamless communication between the school staff member out by the carline, office personnel, and classroom teachers. This Visitor Aware feature is ideal when you're trying to monitor and manage the guardian carline pick-up process at your school.

Setting up the Parent and Visitor Self-Registration Process

  1. Schools will need to register parents and visitors within their Visitor Aware database to allow students to be picked up via this process.
    1. To access your school specific pre-registration link to send out to parents and visitors, follow the below steps in your online administration dashboard. You must have an account administrator role to access this information through these steps.
  1. Go to and sign in with your respective email and password
  2. Within the lefthand navigation menu under "System Management" click on "Locations" and then "All Locations"
  3. If you have multiple locations listed, click on the name of the specific school location for which you're needing the pre-registration link
  4. Next, click the "Settings" tab
  5. Make sure "Enable Visitor Self-Registration?" is set to "Yes"
  6. If it is currently set to "No" you will need to select "Yes" and hit "Save"
  7. Copy the link address under "Public Visitor Self Registration URL" and use this link in your mass email or create a link on your school website that directs traffic to your school location's self registration page

Setting up Parent and Guardian Profiles On-site

An alternative method for creating visitor/guardian profiles and issuing out their visitor specific QR code is by having the visitor check in at one of the school locations. This process would entail the following steps for the visitor/guardian:

  1. After arriving on-site, they would check-in with the Visitor Aware software.
  2. A mobile phone number and/or email address would be provided to receive the QR code
  3. Upon a successful check-in, the QR code would be texted and/or emailed out to that visitor

Pick-up Process Overview

Parents, and anyone that need to be approved for student pick-up, will need to use the school provided pre-registration link or complete the visitor registration process in-person at the school to create their visitor profile within the school's Visitor Aware database. After this process has been completed, approved student pick-up individuals will have a copy of their QR code.

  1. Complete the parent/visitor pre-registration or in-person registration process to create a visitor profile within the school's Visitor Aware database
  2. Individuals picking up students via the carline will need to have their QR code available for school staff to scan during the carline pickup process.
    1. If a QR code has been forgotten, an authorized guardian can verbally request a student
  3. Student pick-up coordinators (out next to the cars), office personnel, and classroom teachers will utilize their own personal administration portals to coordinate the pick-up process on their end. 
    2. After logging into the above link, you will be granted access to your respective user portal
    3. If you're an admin and all students are gathered within the gym or similar area, you can leave the pending pickup screen up and send students out to the pickup point as they're requested.
  4. Student coordinators will use the QR scanning functionality within the "Pending Pickups" lefthand navigation menu to confirm student requests and complete the transfer of student care to the approved pick-up individual.
    2. The scan mode will be used to scan the guardian's QR code upon arrival to request their students and then scan one more time to complete the transfer of car once the student gets in the car. If there are multiple school locations that the user has access to, please make sure you're on the right location for managing the carline pickup process.

For more detailed instructions per student pick-up process role, please visit the associated help article for Parent/Visitor Pick-up, Student Pick-up Coordinator, Office Personnel, or Classroom Teacher.