Detailed below are instructions for the parents and/or approved visitors to follow in order to use Visitor Aware's Carline pick-up process.

Visitor/Parent Pre-registration:

Parents planning to pick up their child from the pick-up line should pre-register so that an active visitor profile exists within the school's Visitor Aware database. This can be done through the online link that was provided by the school or by the Visitor Aware check-in kiosk located inside the school's front office.

An active visitor profile must exist within the school's database to establish approved student relationships for the student pick-up process.

  1. Approved pick-up individuals must complete the pre-registration process via the link provided by your child's school - Potential pick-up individuals will need a mobile device or computer to complete the registration process, either option must have a functional camera.
    1. If the potential pick-up individuals do not have access to a device to complete this process and have not previously checked in at your school (with Visitor Aware's software), they will need to contact the school's office personnel to discuss an ideal time to setup their visitor profile via an in-person visit
  2. Once your registration process has been completed and you provided an email or mobile number, you will receive your visitor specific QR code via text/email. The front office can also assist with printing a hard copy of the QR code if preferred by the guardian.

Visitor Specific QR Code:

The visitor's QR code will look similar to the one shown below. There are a couple ways to display the QR code during the carline pickup process:

  1. Hardcopy of the QR code printed and displayed on the dashboard of the car
  2. Email/texted QR code displayed on a mobile device

Carline Pick-up Requests:

As guardians are pulling up in their cars, a school staff member will be scanning their QR codes from the car dashboard or directly from guardians' mobile devices. Upon scanning the QR code, a profile picture is displayed, and all students that the guardian is authorized to have an option to pickup are displayed. Staff members are also able to manually queue up students as long as guardian relationships exist for that student.

The general flow for guardians:

  1. QR code is presented
  2. QR code is scanned by school staff
  3. Authorized guardian status is checked/confirmed
  4. All students or specific students are requested
  5. Student(s) arrive at the pickup point
  6. QR code is scanned again to document the transfer of care

Complete Pick-up Process:

Once the student relationship has been confirmed, the student will be placed into the care of the pick-up person and those associated students will be marked as picked up by that parent/authorized guardian within the school's records.

Note: If any approved relationships need to be added or removed, this process will need to be done through the office staff's online administration dashboard by following the "Importing Students and Managing Relationships" article.