To make the contactless student pick-up process more efficient, you may want to utilize the car numbering feature. This is an automated number assignment that correlates to a car's position within the pick-up line. The car's number is displayed on your mobile device via the Guardian Scan Mode after reading a visitor's QR code. This article details how this feature works.

To learn how to use the Guardian Scan Mode, please read the "Student Coordinator Pick-up Instructions" article.

Automatic Car Number Assignment:

Login to your administrative online dashboard, select "Pending Pickups" from the left hand navigation column, and tap "Enter Scan Mode".

Pending Pickups Screen

Guardian Scan Mode

Guardian Scan Mode: Scan QR Code

After accessing the Guardian Scan Mode, and scanning the first visitor's ID Pass application (or printed QR code), you (as the student pick-up coordinator) will be shown the visitor's associated approved pick-up options and the current requested students if they have been selected from the visitor's ID Pass application.

*Please note that a car number assignment will only be applied if/after a student pick-up has been requested.

Guardian Scan Mode: First Car Assignment

After you are shown the above screen, you can tap "Queue" to request the other student that was not yet requested for student pick-up or if you're ready to complete the pick-up request for Nyasia, tap "Complete". Once the "Complete" button has been selected and no additional requests have been made, this car will no longer be listed as pending a pick-up nor will it still be assigned "Car 1".

If "Car 1" is still waiting for their requested student to arrive at the pick-up location, the student coordinator can continue down the pick-up line of cars to scan the next visitor/parent's QR code. After scanning the second car's QR code, you will be shown a screen as displayed below.

Guardian Scan Mode: Car 2 Assignment

Pending Student Pickups: Queued Students

Pending Student Pickups: Car Assignment Column

After "Car 1" completes their student pickup. They will no longer be listed on the pending pickups page nor will they continue to be the first car in line waiting for students. The "Car 1" designation will then be assigned to the previous "Car 2" listing now that the previous car has left with their requested student.

Pending Student Pickups: Car 2 Becomes Car 1

As cars pickup students, parents request students, and the student pickup coordinator scans QR codes the car assignments will fluctuate and constantly reassign the pickup line of cars so that the numbering process stays updated pending who is waiting in line to pickup requested students.