Visitor Aware enables users to implement incident management directly from their mobile device in real-time. To get Watchdog setup on your mobile device, please follow the instructions detailed within the "Getting Started: Watchdog Incident Management Application" help article.

To learn how to navigate and use the Watchdog application, please follow the below instructions.

Watchdog Menu Navigation

After downloading, installing, and logging into your Watchdog application there will be a pop-out menu located within the top left of your screen.

Watchdog: Home Screen

Watchdog: Pop-out Menu

As a user, if you have access to multiple locations, you can specify a location so that you can receive and trigger incidents according to your current physical location. In the below example, "Visitor Aware Office" is selected and the user will receive notifications and be able to trigger incidents for that specific location.

Watchdog: Trigger an Incident

In order to trigger an incident, slide the associated incident's icon all the way to the right.

In the below example, a medical incident has been triggered. After triggering the incident, notifications are sent out to all users who are logged into or assigned to the location "Visitor Aware Office" which includes the online admin dashboard as well as the Watchdog application. Notifications include push notifications, text messages, emails, and (in the case of an emergency incident) phone calls.

Once an incident has been triggered, 2 new options appear in the slide out menu called "Status" and "Personal Status".

Within the "Personal Status" menu option, the Watchdog user will be able to report their own personal status: "I Am Safe" and "I Need Help". In the below example, this user has selected "I Am Safe".

The other options that is available, "Status", gives a breakdown of each individual user's status as reported in real-time. Below, you can see that Bennett has reported himself as "Safe".

To quickly access and change your own personal status, you can click on the GPS picture in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

To manage incidents from your online admin dashboard, please follow the instructions provided in the "Dashboard Emergency Activation" help article.