If you’re using the Netum NT-1228BL handheld barcode scanner with the Visitor Aware web kiosk and would like to ensure scans for only valid identification cards, and QR codes, just plug in your scanner to your computer, and scan the barcodes shown in the steps below. In the event that the scanner does not seem to be working as expected, or does not scan identification barcodes, refer to the “Reset to Factory Default Settings” section at the bottom of this document.

Note: The scanner will more reliably scan from a printed document than from a monitor screen. Please print this document off as a reference guide to have on file and to achieve a more reliable scan for setup purposes.

Step 1: Set your sound preferences

Step 2: Disable all barcodes except programming codes

Step 3: Enable PDF417 and QR codes

Connecting Via Bluetooth instead of USB

To connect your barcode scanner using Bluetooth instead of a USB connection, first, scan the following barcode, then follow the instructions below:

How to pair bluetooth under Basic Mode (HID)?

Android: Connect Android Device in Basic Mode (HID)

1. Power on the scanner. The LED light will be flashing.

2. Touch Home | Menu | Settings | Wireless & Networks | Bluetooth settings

3. Make sure the device has Bluetooth “On”.

4. In the list of found devices, select “Netum Bluetooth”. Tap Pair.

5. The scanner will make one long beep after bluetooth is paired and the LED light will turn to

solid blue (no blinking).

Apple: Connect Apple iOS Device (HID)

1. Power on the scanner. Blue LED light will start to flash.

2. Start a Bluetooth device search.

IOS: Tap Settings | General| Bluetooth. Turn on. A Bluetooth device search will begin.

3. In the device list, tap on “Netum Bluetooth”. Tap Pair.

4. The scanner will make one beep once it’s connected and the LED light will turn a solid blue

(no blinking) and is ready to scan.

Windows: Connect Windows PC(HID)

1. Power on the scanner. Make sure the scanner is discoverable (unpaired).

2. Use your computer’s Bluetooth Settings to connect to the scanner.

3. Open Devices and Printers and select “Add a device”.

4. In the device list, select “Netum Bluetooth”. Click Next.

5. Follow the remaining screens to complete the wizard.

6. The scanner will make one beep once it’s connected and the LED light will turn to solid blue

(no blinking) and is ready to scan.

Reset to Factory Default Settings

When adjusting the scanner settings, it may be necessary to default back to the factory settings before making changes

Source: NT-1228BL Manual

ID scanner still not working properly?

If the ID scanner is only filling in the first check-in form field, try adding a fifth barcode to the grouping listed above. After completing numbers 1 - 4 above, add in the below barcode to be the fifth barcode in the scanning queue:

5. Combine-Key