Most student information systems have, collect, and send guardian information to Visitor Aware.  Unfortunately, this information is often very incomplete, resulting in an incomplete view of your guardians and guardian/visitor profiles that look like this:

There are 2 options to collect more information directly from the guardian/visitor:

  • From a specific profile, if an email address is present, you may click the "Request Completion" button
  • From the Security Settings page (, enable the "Automatically email profile complete requests for visitors during SIS syncing and other imports?" option

Automatically Send Completion Requests when Syncing with SIS

During initial student information syncing for a large number of visitors, manually sending completion requests individually is not ideal, and as such, you can simply enable the setting to "Automatically email profile complete requests for visitors during SIS syncing and other imports" from the Security Settings page (

Criteria for Profile Completion Requests to be Sent Automatically:

Profile complete requests are only sent if the following criteria are met:

  1. Automatically email profile complete requests feature is enabled
  2. The imported record has a valid email address
  3. The automatic request to complete has not already been sent (i.e. an AUTOMATIC email requesting profile completion is only ever sent one time)

If the criteria above are met, an automatic email similar to the one shown below is sent with a link unique to the visitor that expires automatically after several days.

Manually Send a Request to Complete Profile

You may also send, or resend individual requests to complete a profile directly from the profile in the administration portal by clicking on the "Request Completion" button.  This button is only available when a profile is marked as incomplete, and a valid email is found for the profile.

Clicking "Request Completion" will send the same email shown above and prompt the guardian to complete their profile.

Profile Completion Process

In order for a guardian profile to be marked as complete, it must have all of the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of Birth
  • Locality/City
  • Region/State
  • Sex
  • Photo

When clicking on their unique link, guardians are presented with non-editable fields for any information that is already present, editable fields, and a camera screen for any missing/required information.

After providing the required information, and taking a photo using their web camera if applicable, their profile will be marked as complete, and if the setting to "Automatically send ID Passes to visitors after their profile is completed?" is enabled, they will receive a unique QR code via email to streamline their check-in/check-out process automatically.

What if I Want to Customize the Request Email?

Visitor Aware has a default message for profile complete requests (shown above), however, this may be customized to better suit your school and preferences if desired from the "Content Settings" page located at:

Will Guardians Have to Provide all Their Information Again?

No.  Guardians are only prompted/able to complete information that was not present or was invalid during an SIS sync.  Information that already exists is shown but is not editable during the profile complete process.

What if the Guardian Has No Email?

In the event the guardian has no email address, you'll see "Unknown" below the email heading with a dotted underline. Click on the word "Unknown" and it will become an editable field.  Then just type in their email address, and reload!