If you’re using the ScanAvenger SA9000 Portable handheld barcode scanner with the Visitor Aware web kiosk and would like to ensure scans for only valid identification cards, and QR codes, just plug in your scanner to your computer and scan the barcodes shown in the steps below. In the event that the scanner does not seem to be working as expected, or does not scan identification barcodes, refer to the “Reset to Factory Default Settings” section at the bottom of this document.

Note: The scanner will more reliably scan from a printed document than from a monitor screen. Please print this document off as a reference guide to have on file and to achieve a more reliable scan for setup purposes.

Step 1: Configure Allowed Barcode Types

Step 2: Enable Auto-Sense Scanning (Optional)

If you'd like the scanner to automatically sense barcodes, you may optionally enable this option with the following barcode:

Additional Settings and Configuration

It may be necessary to re-enable all barcode types in order to adjust your scan configuration, which may be done using the following barcode.

You may also get the current firmware version by scanning the following barcode:

See https://scanavenger.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/dJB35CkvW0-kKB-SXJR5-ScanAvenger-User-Manual-v4.1-updated-2D-scanner.pdf for the full manual and other scan codes.