If you are creating a new user and would like to setup the user's location access during that process, please refer to the instructions listed within the "Creating Users" article.

User location access may be modified for current users by clicking on the "Users" tab underneath the "System Settings" category from the lefthand menu then click into the "All Users" screen.

You will see a screen similar to that which is shown below. By clicking within the "Search" data entry field, you may search for a particular user. In our example, we searched for someone with the name "Teacher". After finding the user, click on their associated "Edit this user" icon located in the last column on the right.

Within the "Edit User" screen, you will see multiple tabs listed within the main viewing screen. By clicking on the "Locations" tab, you can grant or deny user access to each of the listed locations.

All of the locations that have been created are listed within the chart including the inactive locations. By marking the check box within the left column you are giving that user access to that specific location's admin dashboard options. This means that the user's settings will also be applied to that location and will give them control over features based on their settings. Only one location can be selected under the "Default" column. The default selection will be the location that will be shown upon the user's login. Be sure to save any changes that you make within this screen.

If you would like to double check a user's permissions, please refer to "Managing User Permissions and Access" article to adjust their user settings.