To make it easier to get started with Visitor Aware, a resource import is available within the web dashboard (, and allows for immediate importing of most major existing records.

Available import types are:

File Format Specifications and Requirements

Each file has specific headers that must be included, as well as specific data fields which must be present and valid in order to successfully import both through SFTP, and direct uploads.  

For information on direct sync with SFTP, see the article here:


Column HeaderRequiredFormatNotes
EmailYesStringAssociated with the user's account for login
PhoneNoIntegerUsed for incident notifications, and SRO notifications
ActiveNoBoolean1 for active, 0 for inactive



Column HeaderRequiredFormatNotes
NameYesStringMust be unique
AddressYesStringMust be unique for the account
StateYesString2 Character state abbreviation
ZipYesIntegerNumeric zip code.  Zip codes prefixed with "0" may be sent as string
School IDYesStringSchool ID associated with records in SIS for data mapping.
ActiveNoBooleanInactive locations are not available for check in
PhoneNoIntegerOptional; used for Visitor Aware support and internal district purposes only


Location Destinations

Column HeaderRequiredFormatNotes
DestinationYesStringShown to visitors when checking in
NotesNoStringOptional, used for internal purposes only
ActiveNoBooleanInactive destinations are not shown to visitors for checking in



Column HeaderRequiredFormatNotes
EmailYesStringUsed for volunteer portal login access and email notifications
Active LoginNoBooleanIf inactive, the volunteer will not be able to log in to the volunteer portal
PhoneNoIntegerFor district use only; not used by Visitor Aware
LastYesStringVolunteer last name
FirstYesStringVolunteer first name
MiddleNoStringVolunteer middle name
AddressYesStringVolunteer street address
CityYesStringVolunteer city
StateYesString2 Character state abbreviation
ZipYesIntegerNumeric zip code.  Zip codes prefixed with "0" may be sent as string
DOBYesDateVolunteer date of birth
Approved VolunteerNoBooleanAutomatically mark imported volunteers as approved (default is "Pending")
School IDsYesStringComma separated list of School IDs; associated with the "Locations" School ID field


Volunteer Functions

Column HeaderRequiredFormatNotes
LabelYesStringShown to volunteers when selecting destinations
DetailsNoStringLong text description of the events.  Shown on signup forms for this event
Start DateNoDate4/19/2020 format
Start TimeNoTime08:30 AM, 3:45 PM format
End DateNoDate4/19/2020 format
End TimeNoTime08:30 AM, 3:45 PM format
ActiveNoBoolean"1" for active and shown on check in and sign up forms, "0" for inactive and hidden

Court Orders

Column HeaderRequiredFormatNotes
Case IDYesStringCase ID provided on the legal documents
FirstYesStringFirst name associated with the court order
LastYesStringLast name associated with the court order
DOBYesDateDate of birth associated with the court order
DetailsNoStringAny applicable notes, stored, not shown
ActiveNoBooleanDefaults to "1", if court order is active, the visitor will be prohibited from checking in
NotifyNoBooleanDefaults to "1", determines if notifications should be sent when an entry attempt occurs


Column HeaderRequiredFormatNotes
Student IDYesStringsourcedId or unique identifier for the student
FirstYesStringStudent first name
LastYesStringStudent last name
School IDYesStringSchool ID associated with the "Locations" School ID field
DOBNoDateStudent date of birth.  Used for district purposes only.
GradeNoString / IntegerStudent grade.  Used for district purposes only.
TeacherNoStringStudent's teacher.  Used for district purposes only.
Room NumberNoString / IntegerStudent room number.  Used for district purposes only.
Self SignoutNoBooleanStudent self sign out at kiosk. Unused at this time.
NotesNoStringStudent notes.  Used for district purposes only.



Column HeaderRequiredFormatNotes
FirstYesStringVisitor first name
MiddleNoStringVisitor middle name
LastYesStringVisitor last name
DOBYesDateVisitor date of birth
AddressNoStringStreet address
CityYesStringVisitor City
StateYesString2 Character state abbreviation
CountryNoEnumerationUSA / CAN
StudentsNoStringComma separated list of student IDs (see "Students" 'Student ID" column)

Formatting Requirements

Each import has distinct required columns which are represented in the import templates below, as well as shown with the description for each import type shown on the resource import page within the administration area (

In the event that an invalid import is detected, your records will not be imported and an error message will be shown, otherwise you will be shown a list of imported resources after successful import completion!