Once visitors have entered your facilities, a profile is generated for them which is updated upon each visit or departure. Access visitor profiles by clicking on "Visitors" under the "People" heading within the lefthand navigation column. Then search for the desired visitor and click on their picture or name to access their profile.

Profile Photo Comparison:

After clicking into a visitor's profile, you will see 2 pictures at the top of the screen. This allows you to quickly compare the picture on the driver's license versus the visitor standing in front of you (or the kiosk) which allows you to see if the visitor is using a potentially fake or stolen ID.

In the example below, you would be able to notice that the driver's license photo and visitor are not the same person.

Quick Action Buttons:

Just below the visitor ID number, there are four buttons that allow users to take additional actions.

1. Convert to Volunteer

This button allows users to convert a visitor into a volunteer.

2. Ban

Click on the ban button to explicitly ban this visitor from being able to check-in to your facility.

3. Revalidate

Click on this button to quickly screen the visitor against the National Sex Offender Registry, international watch lists, and national watch lists.

4. Delete

If this button is visible, you have the option to delete this visitor's profile entirely.

Seven Tab Options:

The visitor profile also contains seven tabs that allow you to more efficiently manage visitor information and associated details.

1. Profile

This tab displays the information that was taken from the visitor's government issued ID.

2. Visits

This tab displays a chart of all the visits and associated details for this specific visitor.

3. Relationships

This tab allows you to authorize approved visitors to sign out (a) specific student(s). Once students have been imported into Visitor Aware, you simply start typing the name of the student and then click on their name once it shows up on the list. This will prevent anyone from signing out this student who is not explicitly given permission to do so within the "Relationships" tab of their visitor profile. Multiple students can be assigned to a visitor.

4. Visitor Settings

Within this tab you are able to specify a visitor type and/or select if you'd like a badge to be printed upon check-in for this specific visitor.

5. Notes

The "Notes" tab contains all of the notes associated with banning, removing a ban, or general notes that have been saved for a visitor. 

6. Security Checks

This tab shows the screening results of this particular visitor. Click on the "Details" link in the righthand column to access more details on the associated screening.

7. Event History

If shown, the event history tab displays all of the actions associated with this particular visitor such as profile views, profile actions, check-ins, check-out, ban, or removed ban actions.