Users can be setup with custom permissions per user or through blanket settings that can be setup under specified roles. A user within an admin role can specify a user under a certain role and then further customize that user's settings as well.

Role Permissions

1. User Role Setup:

Access the user roles setup screen by going under the "System Management" heading within the lefthand navigation column. Next, click on "Settings" and then "Manage Roles".

Within this screen you can decide to create a new role or manage a current role that has already been setup.

New Role Creation

2. New Role:

To create a new role, click on the "+ New" button located at the top of the "Manage Roles" screen.

3. Name New Role:

After clicking the "+ New" button, type up the name of the new role you are creating and the corresponding description. Click "Save" upon completion. 

4. Select Permissions:

Scroll down to the new role that was created to begin selecting the new role's permissions. As shown below, all permissions have been granted in this case except for the ability to delete. Click "Save" to keep the permissions for this role.

Further Customize Permissions

2. Find Role to Update:

To update permissions associated with a specific role, scroll down to the role that you wish to update within the "Manage Roles" screen.

3. Updating Existing Role Permissions:

Once you are viewing the block of permissions associated with the role that you wish to update, change the permissions that need updating and then click "Save". Within this example, "Delete Floor Plans" were added to this role's permissions.