For locations where facial recognition is disabled the QR Code ID feature is a helpful tool to prevent visitors from having to dig out their drivers license on each visit.  To provide an additional option for frequent visitors to check in easily without their drivers license, individual visitor profiles may be marked to print the QR Code ID on each badge instead of an individual check out code.

Differences between the types of QR codes printed on badges:

Default badge QR codes:

  • By default, visitor badges will print with a QR code on the bottom left which is valid only to check them out for their current visit
  • The default QR code is single-use, and will not work to check a visitor in, or check them out from subsequent visits

QR Code ID:

  • QR Code IDs can be printed instead of the standard one use check-out QR code on the bottom right of visitor badges, and are valid for:
    • Checking the visitor out for any visit
    • Bypassing a drivers license scan when checking in, by using the "Click here to scan your QR Code ID" link on the drivers license screen
  • QR Code IDs are far more detailed than the normal check out QR code printed by default
  • Please Note: If a badge is misplaced or stolen, it can be used as a way of attempting to check in as that person for whom it is assigned.

Printing Badges with QR Code ID

In order to print badges with the the visitor specific QR Code ID instead of the checkout code:

  1. Navigate to an individual visitor / volunteer profile
  2. Select the tab for "Visitor Settings", or "Volunteer Settings"
  3. Change "Use ID Pass Code on Badges?" to "Yes"
  4. Save

As long as the visitor's profile is set to print badges, and a badge printer is connected and on, the visitor will now receive their visitor badge with their visitor specific QR Code ID printed on the front, which may be reused for subsequent visits and departures.

Note: For security, QR Code IDs printing on badges may only be enabled on a per-visitor basis, as these codes identify the specific visitor.  Visitors should be advised to not discard their badges after use.