Providing ID Pass access to visitors is quick and easy, and may be sent to them directly via text message, email, or by generating an access token which they may use with the ID Pass application.

Providing a Visitor ID Pass

Begin by navigating to the visitor or volunteer profile you'd like to provide the ID Pass to, then selecting the "ID Pass" button below their photo as shown below:

Initializing the ID Pass sending process

You will then be prompted to select the desired method to provide the pass to the visitor / volunteer:

  • Generate Token Only: This will generate their ID pass token if it has not already been generated and display it on screen so you may provide it to the visitor immediately
  • Mobile Phone: This option generates the ID Pass token, as well as a QR code that is automatically sent to the mobile phone number provided.  The visitor may then either scan the QR code from their text messages, or use the token included in the text message to sign into the ID Pass application
  • Email Address: Generate and send the visitor their ID Pass QR code, and access token via email.  The visitor may then either scan the QR code from their email, or use the token included in the email to sign into the ID Pass application.
  • Related - Printing ID Pass codes on visitor badges: See the article here on printing badges with the ID Pass code:

ID Pass sending options

ID Pass Text message

Next Steps

Now that the visitor has a permanent access token, they may bypass the ID scanning screen on the check in kiosk in order to:

  • Check in
  • Check out
  • Sign students out
  • Sign students in