While creating or editing users within the administration portal, it is frequently desirable to manage that user's access to specific areas and applications available within your Visitor Aware account.  By default, all users have access to all applications.

For example, if a user should not have access to the Watchdog application for incident management, you may simply uncheck the box for "Watchdog Application" when editing their user account as shown in the image below:

User access with no watchdog enabled

In this case, the user will be able to log in to the administration portal (https://app.visitor-aware.com), the Kiosk application for checking visitors in and out, however, when they attempt to log in using the Watchdog application, they will receive a message stating "Please contact your system administrator for access to this application".

Login Types

The following login types may currently be enabled or disabled, and all are enabled by default:

  • Administration Portal: The management area located at https://app.visitor-aware.com
  • Watchdog Application: Android/iOS incident management application
  • Kiosk Application: Main iOS application used to check visitors in and out