To be able to print badges via a wifi connection we first need to connect the Brother printer to a computer or laptop in order to setup the wifi connection.

Configuring Brother printer wifi Settings via Windows Machine:

For a video depicting the wifi connection setup process for a windows computer, please click here ( or follow along with the video below:


Step-by-step instructions:

Follow these steps in order to connect your Brother QL-810W badge printer to your local wifi network.


Below is a quick overview of what we are about to accomplish.

1. Download driver:

By clicking the below link, it should automatically identify the operating system of your computer. Confirm that the auto-populated operating system is correct and click "Ok".

Download the printer driver by clicking "Printer Driver" under the "Drivers" section.

While the driver is downloading, please make sure your Brother QL-810W printer is connected to power, connected to the computer (that is downloading the driver) via the USB connection, and the printer is turned on.

2. Unzip the download:

If the download popped up on the bottom of your web browser, please click the .exe file listed. Otherwise, navigate to your downloads folder and unzip the folder.

Open the unzipped folder and double click on D_SETUP.exe file to launch the installation wizard.

3. Installation Wizard:

After the wizard opens, select the printer that you'll be installing drivers for - in this case we will select QL-810W.

Click next on the following screen.

Select "Wireless Network Connection" and click "Next".

Select "Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer" and click "Next"

If there is a firewall or antivirus software detected, you'll receive a popup like below. Select the option to change the firewall port settings option and click "Next".

Confirm that you have the USB cable for installation (in a previous step you connected your computer to the printer with this cable).

Check the box for "Checked and confirmed" to the information in the below screen.

You'll see a screen searching for available networks next.

Select the associated Wifi network you wish the printer to be connected to and click "Next".

Enter the network password for the Wifi connection you're attempting to connect to.

Confirm the settings that are about to be saved to the device (printer).

Disconnect the printer from your computer by removing the USB cable connection.

The QL-810W printer should now have a solid blue LED light above the Wifi symbol to indicate that the connection has been successful to the network. Then click cancel on the next screen.

Next, complete a check-in through your Visitor Aware desktop or through the Visitor Aware check-in application on your iPad or mobile device. Please refer to the check-in tutorial located here: