In this article, you will add your wireless Brother QL-810W badge printer to your WI-FI network. Use this printer  to print badges through your WI-FI network from the Kiosk application, or from the Visitor Aware application.

Note: You can also follow the instructions in Install a Bluetooth Printer to print badges using a Brother QL-820NWB Bluetooth printer. 

Configure Brother Printer’s WI-FI Settings

Follow the steps in the video with the steps below to complete the process to connect a badge printer to your WI-FI wireless network.

Note: The video covers multiple models and operating systems. The overall process will be the same. 

You will need your:

  1. SSID (case sensitive), typically found on the back of your router, or your network name 
  2. Network key or password (case sensitive)
  3. Administrator rights/permissions 
  4. Computer or laptop to set up the printer WI-FI connection
  5. USB cable (that came with the printer)

Note: You can set up the badge printer with a wireless connection. This set of instructions uses a USB cable connection to set up the printer. 


Before beginning, you will need to turn off the Editor Lite Mode on your machine. If your printer model is the QL810W, on the front panel, press the Editor Lite button. If your printer model is the QL820NWB, there is no need to turn off the Editor Lite Mode. 

  1. To set up the WI-FI connection, connect the Brother printer to a computer or laptop.
  2. Open a browser window. In the URL bar, type
  3. Press enter. When the installer web page opens, download the software for your operating system. 

Note: Since you have connected your computer or laptop to the printer, the installation software should identify the correct operating system for your computer. Verify that it is correct, or click the correct operating system.

    1. Click the Ok button.
    2. Navigate to the installation file and double click it to begin installation.

  1. In Downloads, in the Drivers section, click Printer Driver to download it.

Note: Ensure the Brother QL-810W printer is connected to power, connected via USB to the computer to which you are downloading software, and that the computer is turned on.

  1. Navigate your downloads folder and unzip the folder. 

Note: If the download appears at the bottom of your web browser, click the .exe file. 

  1. To launch the installation wizard, open the unzipped folder and double click the D_SETUP.exe file.

  2. In the installation wizard Driver Setup dialog box, click the QL-810W printer and click the OK button.

  3. On the Brother Drivers Installation dialog box, click the Next button. 

  1. In the Connection Type dialog box, click the Wireless Network radio button. Click the Next button. 

  1. In the Select Connection dialog box, click the Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer radio button. Click the Next button.

Note: If a firewall or antivirus software is detected, you may be prompted with a dialog box similar to the one above. Click the Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation radio button. Click the Next button. 

  1. In the Wireless Device Setup dialog box, click the Yes, I have a USB cable to use for the installation radio button. Click the Next button. 

Note: This should be the cable you connected to your computer in a previous step. Ensure it is connected. 

  1. In the Important Notice dialog box, confirm your settings. Click the Next button. 
  2. The Searching for Wireless Networks dialog box may appear. (No action required.)
  3. The closest wireless network will be selected by the installation program. If this is the network you wish to use, click Yes.  If not, not click No and then click Next and select your network from the list.

  1. In the Network Key field, enter the network password for your Wireless network. Click the Next button. 

  1. Enter the network password for your Wireless network. Click the Next button. 

  1. If prompted, disconnect the printer from your computer by removing the USB cable connection.

  1. The QL-810W printer should now display a lit solid blue LED light above the WI-FI symbol, which indicates the connection to the network is successful. Click the Cancel button. 

Access the Printer on an iPad

  1. Turn off the Brother QL series printer, and then back on. 
  2. Confirm the WI-FI light is lit and solid blue.
  3. Turn on the WI-FI the back of the iPad and back on.
  4. Log in to the Check-In Kiosk application and access the Printer Settings.
  5. Select the Brother tab.
  6. Select Search Brother Printers. After a few seconds, a dropdown menu should appear showing the QL-810W in the list. Select the printer.
  7. To trigger a test print, select the Generate Test Print button. (Optional)

Note: If your iPad and the Brother printer are on the same WI-FI network, the printer name should appear on the iPad.