In order to synchronize your Student Information System connection with Visitor Aware using OneRoster, refer to the article here to retrieve your:

  • Endpoint URL
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Access Token URL (if applicable)
  • Scope (if applicable)

Entering your OneRoster Connection Details into Visitor Aware

For users with access to the administration portal configuration, simply navigate to the "Manage OneRoster Connection" page, and provide the information retrieved above, then hit the "Save" button.

You may also enter a comma-separated list of emails that should receive notifications when data is synchronized successfully on this screen.

Required Endpoints for OneRoster

The following endpoints are available for OneRoster:

classesNo *
coursesNo *
enrollmentsNo *

* indicates that these endpoints are required for the Family Reunification and Rostering features

Testing your OneRoster Connection

To ensure the accuracy and connection credentials, you may now click the "Test Connection" button on the bottom right of the page.  

After processing, you'll be presented with the status of the connection, as well as the details located using the endpoints specified to retrieve your client SIS data.

Activating your OneRoster Connection

As long as the "Connection Active" setting is set to "Yes", your OneRoster data will automatically be synchronized daily at 3 am UTC, and if you have provided a list of email addresses in the "Notification Emails" section, you'll receive notifications when the data sync has completed and all corresponding Visitor Aware records have been updated to match your SIS.

Additionally, a Singlewire support representative can re-synchronize your data at any time, submit a support ticket here!

Mapping Your Data to the Correct Locations

Please make sure to include your "SourcedID" or location identifier within your SIS for each individual location within your Visitor Aware account. Go in and edit each location listed here:

And fill in the "School ID" field with that location identifier from your SIS. This way as the data gets pulled into Visitor Aware, it is all mapped to the correct locations. 

Please note: If your OneRoster Connection was setup properly, all available locations should be available via a drop down menu within this field.

How Visitor Aware ingests OneRoster Data

Visitor Aware follows the OneRoster spec however, the ingestion of OneRoster data by Visitor Aware might be different than what you expect.

Visitor Aware looks at the value of the enabledUser property of the user's record.
If enabledUser has the property of "true" then the user will be updated if their data has changed.
Conversely, if enabledUser has the property of "false" then the user will be deactivated( but not deleted ) in Visitor Aware and they will not be able to login.