To begin the process, contact Singlewire sales to request an integration.

To set up this integration, go to System Settings > Settings > InformaCast Settings in Visitor Aware. Click the Singlewire InformaCast button which should launch the login screen for InformaCast Fusion. Log into the InformaCast Fusion provider you want to connect to.

Now that the systems are connected, you'll want to pair InformaCast Fusion Distribution Lists and Sites to Visitor Aware locations in the table below. When you're done doing that, we can try out the integrations.

Distribution Lists
For this part of the integration, go to the check-in kiosk in Visitor Aware. Get ready to check in a visitor with a phone number and check the checkbox related to receiving location-specific alerts.

 Check the user in, now if you go to InformaCast Fusion an existing user or anonymous user with the entered phone number should exist, that user is subscribed to the Distribution List. If a user with that phone number is not found, an anonymous user is created for the visitor and added to the mapped distribution list for your current Visitor Aware location. When you check the visitor out, their corresponding user should be removed from the Distribution List.

Command Center Sites
For this part of the integration, ensure you have at least one student in your current Visitor Aware location. In InformaCast Fusion, set up an incident plan that will trigger a roll call in Visitor Aware (family reunification). Trigger an incident at the site that is mapped to your current Visitor Aware location. It should have triggered a new family reunification.

Visitor Aware Incident Scenarios

This part of the integration uses the second piece of the Manage InformaCast settings page in Visitor Aware. First, you'll want to choose a distribution list and click create scenario. In the background, a command center scenario and message template are created in your InformaCast Fusion provider. Now when a visitor tries to check in that generally isn't allowed, the scenario will be sent to notify the assigned distribution list that there's potentially been an attempt at an unauthorized entry. Triggers for this scenario to be sent automatically are the following trying to check in:

  • Visitor with denied access court order

  • Visitor with allowed access court order

  • Visitor with general ban

  • Sexual predator

  • Visitor on watchlist

Also, this should occur if a visitor tries to sign out a student they're not an approved guardian for. If this feature doesn't seem to be working, ensure the Visitor Aware location you have selected is mapped to an InformaCast site.