Here we will discuss how to edit the user settings and permissions. If you're an admin on the school's Visitor Aware account, you can access all users' settings by going under the "System Settings" heading in the lefthand column and selecting "Users" and then "All Users". From here, click the gear icon to select "Edit this user".

Pro tip: The "Reset Password" option through the gear icon allows admin to kick out an email to that specific user to reset their password.

There are 4 tabs within the "Edit User" screen:

  1. User Details
  2. Permissions
  3. Locations
  4. Event History

User Details:

The top part of the form contains the user's credentials: 

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone Number

Mobile Phone Number:

This number will be the one used for text message and/or phone call alerts if enabled.

Receive notifications for assigned locations?:

If this is set to "no" the user will not receive any notifications. Set this to "yes" to receive notifications and tailor what notifications get sent in the next section.

Notification Types:

Specifically select what notifications for what scenarios the user will receive.

Enable login using:

Check the box to allow the user to login to the associated application.


Leave this to "yes" to allow this user to sign in to their account and any applications that are enabled from the previous section. Check the "no" option if the user no longer works at the district or if they're no longer allowed to sign in.

You are able to change any of the settings listed under the 3 different settings tabs (user details, permissions, and locations) before hitting the save button. Be sure to hit save before venturing away from the "Edit User" screen.


The permissions tab allows you to assign a role to the user. When a role is assigned, that user will be granted access to features that have been assigned to that role through the "Manage Roles" option located under the "Settings" heading within the lefthand navigation column.

The "Override Permissions" section can be used to manually override any default setting that has been put in place for a specific role. This is helpful if you would like one particular user to have special access to certain features while not allowing other users within that same role to have access.


Select what locations the user will have access to through this tab by checking the box on the left. Leave the box empty if you do not want the user to have access to the associated location. You may also select the user's default location through this screen. This default location option directs the user to that specified location once they login to their Visitor Aware account.

The "All Users" button will take you to the current list of users that have already been setup. Do not click this button until you have saved all of your recent changes.

If you'd like more information associated to facility locations, please refer to the "Creating and Managing Locations" article.

Event History:

Within this tab, you're able to see all actions taken by and against this user for accountability purposes.

If you'd like to manage your own user profile settings, click on your name in the right hand corner of the screen and select "Settings". Please also refer to the "Personal User Settings" help article.