In addition to the kiosk application, visitors may also be checked in using the online dashboard and an inexpensive webcam or a built in webcam.

Visitor Check In

1) From the top right header navigation options, select "Check-In" from the "Activities" menu.

2) Select the visitor's destination, and take their photo using an attached webcam or the built in webcam.

3) If the visitor has checked in previously and has been validated, they will be checked in and a print window will be shown automatically in order to print a visitor badge in the event that a badge printer is available.

4) In the event that the visitor has not checked in previously, or requires additional validation, additional required input fields will be shown in order to collect and verify their identity using information from their identification card.

Visitor Check Out

In order to sign out visitors using the online dashboard, simply go to the "Current Visitors" link located under the "Visitors" navigation menu item, and click on the arrow on the right side of the visitor you'd like to sign out as shown in the picture below:

You may also check the box at the top left of the listing of checked in visitors and check out multiple visitors at the same time for easier group visitor management.