Visitor Aware has an experimental feature for Face to ID match comparisons which compares the photograph of the visitor checking in to the photograph on a government issued ID when checking in using an iPad.  This feature is disabled by default.

Face to ID Matching

To access the settings for the Face to ID match feature, go to the lefthand navigation menu. Under the "System Management" category select "Settings" and then the "Security Settings" link.

Scroll down to where it says "Require identification card match to visitor photo?".  Here you may enable or disable this feature and also adjust the match percentage as needed. The lower that you set the match percentage, the lower the standard of match will be that will be deemed acceptable, however, there are a number of factors which may require a lower match percentage such as:

  • Varying photo qualities in ID photos (low resolution photos are less likely to match the ID holder accurately)
  • Overlaid holograms or other graphics on the ID photos
  • Varying lighting conditions causing shadows which may cause the software to have difficulty comparing small ID card photos to the visitor

Match percentage adjustments

In the event that a visitor is unable to be matched to their ID card, they will receive the following message, and may need to be checked in manually, or by temporarily setting "Require identification card match to visitor photo?" to "No":

"Your photo, and the photo on your ID do not appear to match.  Please contact the operator for assistance."

Tip: To read about how sexual predator matches are determined, please read the "Sex Offender Screening" article.