There are 3 different ways that you can setup a badge printer with Visitor Aware. Feel free to pick the one that best suits your facility and your associated hardware.

1. Wifi Enabled Badge Printer 

If your facility owns a badge printer with wifi printing capabilities similar to the one listed on our recommended hardware page you will be able to print wirelessly. 

Note: Brother QL series wireless badge printers require 2.4 GHz wireless networks and do not work on 5 GHz wireless networks.

Make sure the badge printer has power and that you followed the printer's installation manual's directions for accessing the wifi connection. 

Once that printer is setup on the wifi connection, you can access the list of available printers through the "Printer Settings" option located in the menu of the lower right hand settings icon.

To search for a printer on your wifi, tap the magnifying glass to search you network for available printers. Select the printer that you would like the badges to print from and enable printing. 

Enable printer from iOS

You may also choose to connect the badge printer by filling in the IP address and Printer name fields. Be sure to enable badge printing upon check in success.

2. Cable Connected Printing via Print Helper Application

This option is ideal for situations where you have a badge printer such as a Dymo LabelWriter that must be connected to a windows PC computer. The desktop application allows you to check in visitors with your choice of kiosk and then it will automatically print the visitor's badge to the printer connected to the computer running the desktop application. You will not need to manually print the badge.

The Visitor Aware desktop application will need to be downloaded onto the computer that the badge printer is connected to, and may be downloaded from, and installed on Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Once you install it and log in, there are additional instructions within the application itself to make it as easy as possible to use.  

Just keep the application running on the computer that is connected to the badge printer and it will auto-print badges immediately when visitors check in!

3. Manually Printing from the Browser

This option is a backup for the aforementioned options. Ideally you'd want to implement option 1 or 2 listed above so that everything is automated. However, there are times when technology just won't cooperate (if this happens please reach out to us). 

In these situations you can manually print badges for visitors through the admin dashboard. This can be done by clicking on the visitor's profile and selecting the print button shown below. 

Dashboard Badge Printing

A popup window will then show up on your screen. From here, make sure the printer information looks correct and hit print. If the badge isn't printing properly, please read our "Badge Size Setup" article for assistance.

Manual Print Options