Here we will discuss how to fine-tune your personal user settings. These can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen and selecting "Settings".

There are 5 tabs within the "User Settings" screen:

  1. Profile
  2. Notifications
  3. Locations
  4. Check-in Settings
  5. Password

1. Profile:

Under this tab you're able to update your name and email address as needed.

2. Notifications:

Under this tab, you're able to update the information associated with notifications.  It is important to note that if the "Receive alerts for assigned locations" setting is turned off, you will NOT receive any notifications except those related to your individual user account.

For information on the notification types, see the article on Notifications here.

3. Locations:

Under this tab, you're able to update location-associated settings.

You're able to select your default location from the righthand column. When you sign in, you will be directed to your default location (if multiple locations exist and if you have access to more than one location). This also applies to the check-in kiosk if you sign into an iPad using your user credentials.

4. Check in Settings:

Under this tab, you're able to update check-in kiosk settings for when you use your user credentials to sign into the Visitor Aware check-in application. 

Device Logout Code:

This code will need to be entered on the Visitor Aware application before someone can log out of the application on the iPad kiosk.

The default language for check-in devices:

Through this drop-down, you're able to select the primary language for the check-in kiosk. If nothing is selected, English will be the default language.

5. Password:

Under this tab you're able to change your user account password.