This article is on how to create new users.

Once you have completed the steps within "Getting Started" you are now ready to setup the users that will have access to the online dashboard. Clients have an unlimited amount of users that they can add and setting up user access restrictions can be done within this same window.

There are 3 tabs within the "New User" screen within the System Settings -> Users heading:

  1. User Details
  2. Permissions
  3. Locations

User Details:

Fill in the top part of the form with the user's credentials: 

  • Name
  • Email Address

Mobile Phone Number:

This number will be the one used for text messages and/or phone call alerts if enabled.

Receive emergency alerts:

If the user's phone number has been entered, they will receive text message alerts on their mobile device.

Send SRO Notifications?:

A user that is also a Security Resource Officer for the facility can enable this feature so that they will receive an alert on their mobile device for every visitor check-in. The alert will be a text message containing the visitor's name, what location they signed into, and what their intended destination is within the facility.

Send Notifications Via:

Select what platform you would like to receive your alert notifications. You can enable all options if deemed necessary. This would send an alert through email, text message, and phone call when an emergency alert is triggered. Otherwise, you would receive any other alerts via email or text message if enabled.

Enable Login Using:

This section allows you to designate what login rights users will have when it comes to being able to access the admin portal or various applications Visitor Aware has to offer. Check the box to allow the user to log into these corresponding application and/or the administration portal as you see fit.


Enable or disable a user's dashboard and check-in app access by selecting Yes or No. If No is selected they will not be able to sign into the dashboard or check-in mobile app.

You are able to change any of the settings listed under the 3 different tabs (user details, permissions, and locations) before hitting the save button. Be sure to hit save before venturing away from the "Create New User" screen.


The permissions tab allows you to assign a role to your new user. When a role is assigned, that user will be granted access to features that have been assigned to that role through the "Manage Roles" option located under the "Settings" heading within the lefthand navigation column.


Select what locations the new user will have access to through this tab by checking the box on the left. Leave the box empty if you do not want the user to have access to the associated location. Be sure to select a default location where the user will primarily be located.

The "All Users" button will take you to the current list of users that have already been set up. Do not click this button until you have saved all of your recent changes.

If you'd like more information associated with facility locations, please refer to the "Creating and Managing Locations" article.

Once you have saved a user, you can always adjust their settings by going to "All Users" under the "Users" heading within the lefthand navigation column. From this location, you can search for the user, click on their name or the settings icon, and then edit the user settings from the "Edit User" screen.

If you'd like to manage your own user profile settings, click on your name in the right-hand corner of the screen and select "Settings".