Getting started is quick and easy, and typically takes just a few minutes from account creation to checking in your first visitors!

  1. Confirm your account and log into the administration portal at
  2. Follow the steps outlined below for your desired implementation.

Using the Kiosk Application to Manage Visitors

The recommended implementation of Visitor Aware is with an Apple iPad, which allows your visitors to check in quickly and easily without involvement from staff, and provides high accuracy identification scanning and direct badge printing.

  1. Download the kiosk application onto your iPad or iPhone from the Apple App Store here, and log in using the same credentials used for the administration portal, or create a new user and use those credentials to log in
  2. If you have only one location, the kiosk application will automatically default to that location, otherwise select the location you’ll be checking into
  3. If visitors should receive badges upon successful check-in AND a wireless badge printer is used, tap on the gear icon on the bottom right of the kiosk application and select the "Printer Settings" option, then select your desired badge printer and close the printer selection screen
    1. If using the desktop application, see the article on Printing from Desktop, and note that the printer settings within the iPad check-in kiosk are not used.
  4. iPad Kiosk App test run: Tap "Visitors" then "Check In" from the kiosk main screen, select from any available destinations for your location, and follow the prompts to check in
  5. Once you have checked in, you will immediately see that entry under "Today's Visitors" within the dashboard Overview in the administration portal, and a badge will be printed if configured.
  6. From the kiosk application, select "Check Out", follow the prompts to check out, and the administration portal will update with your departure in real-time

Recommended badge printers, visitor badge refills, iPads, and iPad kiosk stands are shown on our Recommended Hardware page, however, feel free to use any existing or desired hardware you may have available.

Note: Direct badge printing between the iPad kiosk and badge printers is only supported with the Brother QL-series printers shown on the recommended hardware page.

Using the Administration Portal to Manage Visitors

In the event an iPad is not available or ideal for your location, you may also leverage the administration portal to manage visitors, volunteers, and students. For this implementation, a webcam should be connected or built-in to the computer being used for visitor management.

  1. From the administration portal, click on "Activities", and then "Check-In Kiosk" from the top-right icon.
  2. Select a destination from the select menu.
  3. Ensure that only the person being checked in is within the focus of the webcam viewfinder.
  4. Click the "Check In" button.
  5. If the person being checked in is not recognized, you will be prompted to enter the information from their identification card. If you reside in New York or Florida, visitor information will need to be entered or upon a return visit the visitor can use their QR code. No facial recognition is stored for FL and NY.
    1. An ID scanner may also be used to fill in the visitor's information.
  6. Optional: check the checkbox for "Validate" if you would like the visitor to be automatically checked in if recognized for subsequent visits.  Note that this does not apply to states where facial recognition storage is prohibited
  7. A success message will be shown with an option to either "Close" or "Print Badge"
  8. Click "Print Badge" and a box will appear with system print options in order to print a badge for the visitor using any connected badge printer.
    1.  (See the article here for desktop badge printing configuration, or our other help desk articles regarding badge printing here)
  9. If a badge print option isn't displayed automatically, you can manually print the badge by going to the Dashboard Overview page and clicking the "Print Badge" icon in the right-hand column of that visitor.
  10. To check out the visitor, simply click on the "Check Out" arrow located next to the above mentioned badge icon, and they will be checked out immediately

Visitor Aware Welcome Packet

Download our welcome packet, which includes a printable "Welcome" door sign, as well as common Visitor Aware questions and answers.